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Friday, 22 June 2012

Psalm 139 Project Vs. 12

Verse 12
Even the darkness is not dark to Thee,
And the night is as bright as the day.
Darkness and light are alike to Thee.

The Message – It’s a fact: darkness isn’t dark to You; night and day, darkness and light, they’re all the same to You.
Amplified Bible – Even the darkness hides nothing from You, but the night shines as the day; the darkness and the light are both alike to You.
Contemporary English Version – But You see in the dark because daylight and dark are all the same to You.

i am afraid of the dark
all the unseen things
makes me afraid

i play music
and rock on my bed
i think of pleasant things
keep a light on.

i do not trust
what i cannot see
my mind plays tricks
friends with my fear
whispers things
that are not real
to capture my heart
in dread’s grip.

i do not like the dark
where i must
feel blindly for the things
that will hurt me.

i am afraid of the dark
the very thing i hate the most
the darkness
the shadows
are actually nothing to You.

darkness to me
lightness to You.
dark and light
they have no distinction to You.
they are the same
there is no darkness
no shadows
no blindness

i am not You
You see no dark
and yet
You hum music in my ear
You rock me on my bed
You give pleasant thoughts
for me to think
You are the Light
to banish
all the whispers

i am still afraid of the dark
but more comforted
by You who has no shadow.

Unseen Light.

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