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Monday, 11 June 2012

A new long last.

I have been working on a third section of the Warrior Bride, but it's still in its 'mulling around' state. 

In the meantime, other thoughts come and go. Whether to share or not is that eternal question. Sharing means transparency. Sharing means my truth, my truth out there for everyone. 

The Psalm 139 Project is just a little thing that happened because I wanted to write something for my boys. It's not necessarily that my boys like poetry (they are teenagers and would indulge me), or that they will care for it now. This Mother's Day, I gave both boys a new Bible. I wrote in the front of each one that every answer they were looking for could be found in the pages of this book. One of the boys started reading, calling me with questions. This little project is the outflow of that. We all have questions. We all read these passages at one time or another and each time it has deeper,  different or more significant meaning than the last. Depending on what we are facing personally, or the road we are on, that will dictate how these passages effect us. How our answers are found in those passages for that day, for that circumstance, for that life; that is what baffles me every time. How the Spirit can reach in and take hold of anyone willing to be brave enough to ask the questions. 

I chose one passage. I thought it would be interesting if I broke it down verse by verse, writing about what I thought. Interesting or not, what follows is....well, what followed. 

A verse a day.

My Bible for the past 30+ years is the New American Standard version. It was given to me as a gift and it is cherished. I found other versions of the verses though that seemed to add to the dimensions of its meaning. So, the main verse listed is from my Bible, then sometimes there is a translation given from different versions. They are listed. 

I trust something speaks to anyone taking the time to read them. Feel free to comment. 

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