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Regarding Pam...

Regarding Pam....

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my World. 

To be honest, I don't enjoy these 'Bio' Pages. Trying to come up with creative ways to describe myself....tricky.

I think I'm a bit of everything really, eclectic. I guess that's true of all of us. 

I'm a work in progress, for sure. My shining treasures are my two sons, Mike and Sam. I've been a single mom from the beginning. Now they are 23 and 18, and I'm stunned at how fast time flies. Also stunning is that we're all still standing!!

I'm really big into personal interactions, whether that's coffee one-on-one (my fave!) or whether that's speaking to a group. I love the connection. I love the exchange of ideas. I love when we come together to learn from each other.

 I am extremely passionate about pretty much all artistic endeavours, whether that is musical, literary or art. To me, any artistic expression seems to be an act of emotional response, and then I tend to respond right back. Most of those responses are great. I'm always intrigued by the creative power some people have. If you or someone you know has some wonderful creative genius things going on, please send me the link. I'm always, always, always interested in that.

This blog was created to be a place I could put my writing 'out there'. There were things I was writing that I felt would not ever reach a publisher, but I felt I didn't want them hidden away in my binder at the bottom of my closet. Slowly, I put smaller chunks of that first essay, The Warrior Bride, up on the blog. Then I let things sit for quite some time. Then I felt the Psalm 139 Project stirring up, a poem a day based on each verse of the psalm. 

Now there are many different offerings on the site. I have self-published a book about one of my sisters, In Her Own Special Voice, so I have discussed some of the writing process of that. Of late, I have been rambling a bit from my morning reading, and those thoughts are under the Reverberations heading. 

I'm off now to try and figure out how to put links within the body of my posts......being the blogging genius that I am!! 

Thanks for stopping by and don't be afraid to drop me a line.

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