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Monday, 28 March 2016

Reverberations - Humility - Part Two

As I mentioned in the previous post, two men showed up for me today, to teach me about humility.

In my reading through the Pauline writings, I have come to 2 Peter 1. 

It's really a powerful chapter, but what got highlighted today, and is mixing in with all these thoughts, is Peter's recipe for life. 

I am paraphrasing a bit here, but in verses 5-8, this is how we are neither useless nor unfruitful. Applying all the diligence we can muster, in my faith supply moral excellence, and in my moral excellence, knowledge, and in my knowledge, self-control, and in my self-control, perseverance, and in my perseverance, godliness, and in my godliness, brotherly kindness, and in my brotherly kindness, love. 

When I read these words, I am struck by this progression. Faith to moral excellence. Then knowledge. Then self-control. And perseverance, and godliness, and brotherly kindness and then finally, love.

Okay. I can get behind that progression for spiritual growth. Because in my heart of hearts I really don't want to be useless or unfruitful for God. 

So, that's great. 

What is incredible came for me when I was finishing up my reading plan for Lent. I was a day behind, and the last reading came today instead of yesterday. 

When Jesus rises, and speaks to the women, He specifically asks them to tell the disciples and Peter.
Tears started flowing down my face as I read that. It speaks volumes of love to me. 

Knowing what I know about Peter. Knowing Peter's progression. From stepping out of the boat, to his denial, to Christ revealing Himself and asking Peter specifically to 'Feed my sheep'.  The progressions of Peter's belief system are amazing to watch. Lots of people have mentioned it and written about it, but today, what is like a loud church bell ringing in my heart is how much love Jesus had for this very human, humble man who made many mistakes. Peter's last encounter with Christ was to deny Him. And yet, speaking to those faithful women, Peter is singled out. I almost felt like Jesus was saying....'Make sure Peter knows.....don't forget to make sure he knows....I have risen.' 

Maybe it's just me today. Maybe I'm just feeling the strain of the times I have let Him down, but I can feel His love in that statement. 'Tell my disciples....and Pam'. This moves me beyond words. 

This same day, I am reading from this man, Peter, who God loved so very much, about how to not be unfruitful and useless, I am so reminded of Christ's incredible love and patience with a man who had this giant learning curve. 

Gratitude doesn't even begin to cover that feeling. I don't know how Peter felt that day, when those women came to him. I don't know how he felt in the great disappointments of his own weaknesses and humanity. But when I read this letter, from this same man, I see his journey. I see his progression. I see his humility. 

Powerful stuff.

Father, continue to lead me on this journey with you. Continue to remind me that it's not in my perfection that you are pleased, it is in my trying, my wanting to not be useless. Continue to show me how to walk humbly with you.


M.Christine Duncan said...

I love this so much... that the truth about us stands at full glory in the speaking of Peter's name from the risen Christ... He loves us, that much.

Pam said...

Overwhelming love,...that's what I felt today as I read it. Amazing.

Betty Cooper said...

Pam, This reminder for me this morning of His love for me in my imperfections was huge! I needed to be reminded once again through this love story of Jesus and Peter. My desire to serve Him well is huge, I want to be fruitful in this life. I want God to use me to make a difference here on earth. I don't always get it right, I make mistakes, I revert back to who I was before surrending my life to Him, but he says to me as well, "go tell the desciples... and Betty. Thank you Pam for these words that were put down so well.

P.S. I have not yet had the privilege of meeting you, but I hope we will soon. I have heard many great things about you from my cousin Maureen Patrick and others. My maiden name is Pauls. My dad was Abe Pauls. I have been attending BGT now for a year. I know your mom.

Again thank you for these most encouraging words!

Betty Cooper-Pauls

Pam said...

Betty, Thank you so much for leaving your note. I'm grateful for that love in so many ways. I'm glad I'm not the only one finding myself there.
I look forward to meeting you too. I see Maureen at Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday mornings at Bethel. Such a dear. It will be lovely to give you a huge hug whenever our paths collide!!!

Betty LaFrance said...

I can appreciate your comments about Peter, Pam, as I think most of us can look back over our lives and 'know' that we have somehow let Jesus down. Maybe not as blatantly as Peter did, but still, in our hearts, we have pulled back when we should have stood firm.
It is truly a humbling moment when we stop and realize just how much grace we have been shown. At that moment we start reciting just how far off course we are, but quickly begin weeping as the full knowledge of the forgiveness and love Christ shows us seeps into our soul. We can do nothing to make Him love us more or love us less. We are His, paid for with His own blood and nothing can separate us from that love. It is a good thing to walk in humility while walking out our destiny in Him. It is all about Love....Christ's Love. Thank you Jesus.
April 6, 2016 6:56 p.m. Mom

Pam said...

Absolutely mom.
Thank you for your comments. I'm very thankful for Christ's love.