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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Romans 12 Project Vs. 5

Verse 5
So we, who are many, are one body in Christ,
and individually members one of another.

If every 
Musician, singer
And composer
One note
To express
The message of the melody
One single note
Every player
Every blower
Every jammer
Used only

There would be 
No message
No melody
No harmony
No beauty

There would be
No notes
And rests
And clefs
And sharps

There would be
No arrangements
No voices
No symphonies

If every musician
Songwriter and singer
Used only
One note
There would be
No music
There would only be
One note
No matter
The passion
The purity
Or the intensity
With which
That note was played
Still no music
One note.

However with
Many members
All singing and playing
The same song
Different notes
And tones
And styles
And forums
Come together 
And agree

Cannot be simply
One note
Played loud and long

Being a part
Of a bigger body
Makes us all
Gives us all a part
A bigger meaning
A grander scale
Simply one body
Weaving together

Like music.

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