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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Psalm 139 Project Closing Thoughts

As I write this, it is early in the morning where I am. I have just posted the final verse of the chapter, and my thoughts (in verse) on the final verse.

When I began, when the idea struck me, I had no idea how it would take shape. To be honest, it was unlike anything I have done up to this point.

This is such a popular chapter. We quote it to ourselves to remind us of our security and our significance to God, our Creator. We quote the final verses in an attempt to have God search out the hidden areas, the trouble spots, in order to get rid of them. Those were interesting. I love those verses. Over many years, they have brought me and millions of others comfort. During these days, I found myself thinking of them in new ways. New thoughts about cherished passages.

And then there were the 'hate' verses. I'm smiling now as I write this because now that they are passed and posted, I can see the evolution in them, why they are there. When I stumbled upon them in the process of the individual verses, it was extremely challenging to wrap my head around. Such an intensely personal passage, what with God knowing us and creating us and weaving us before we were born. How does this intense hatred and loathing fit into that picture? It took some time to wrestle with those passages. As I remarked in my opening statement for this project, we all come to the Scriptures at different times in our lives, and the amazing thing is that it speaks to us all in different ways. I am grateful for that. Beyond words, am I grateful for that.

Thank you to anyone who has stopped by to read the writing here. Whether one time, or whether you've repeatedly come back, I appreciate that you have.

It is my prayer that something has spoken to the deep places inside you and left a mark.

You and I are His Grand Intention. On purpose. Every day.


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