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Friday, 3 May 2013

Defining Moments

This post, coming in the middle of a series of posts, is dedicated to a man I respect very much. This is a link to his upcoming celebration.

To every Youth Pastor/Youth Worker who feels tired and weary, let me tell you that it all matters. All the little defining moments. No matter where you are. No matter how big or small the work. When you think no one is looking, it all matters. In the long run, great faith is shown in a lifetime of defining moments. 

Defining Moments

I have a memory
A memory of a young man

It is a memory
Of a defining moment
A moment when a
Young man

What kind of responses he would give
What kind of message he would send
Whose countenance he would reflect

It is a memory in the quiet
A moment when not many noticed
But the
                    and the messages
                               and the countenance
Would define
Him and his heart

I have a memory
Of being shielded from arrows of apathy
By his responses
That same memory
Is one of being spurred on
By his messages
The memory of the countenance he chose to reflect
Did not fade nor fall to shadows

It is in the defining moments you decide
What kind of Christian you are
What kind of man you will become
What kind of person you will be

His defining moments 
Came when as a young man
He chose

To love through complications
To hope in the eternal
To have faith in the miraculous
To trust against the odds

All in the quiet, defining moments

I have a memory

Of a young man
Making the defining choices
In the quiet moments
When no one seemed to notice

I have a memory

Of a young man
Who taught me
By example
How to make
The defining choices
In the quiet moments
When I think no one notices


No matter how lofty the goals
Nor how many hundreds notice the choices
His responses are still the same
The message remains clear
And the reflection
Is one of practised submission

The lesson, in the end,
Is that
Great faith
Is made up of
A lifetime
Of defining moments

Thank you Pastor Dave, your defining moments are greatly appreciated.

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