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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Romans 12 Project Introduction

It is confession time.

I am an Old Testament woman. I am a 'picture person' which makes the Old Testament work really well for me. Stories and pictures of people and tribes and nations, kings and priests and travellers, ... well, the words jump off the page to me. I find myself in those people, those stories. I am drawn to those old friends time and time again to receive inspiration, to see myself, to see mercy, ... to see all the things I so desperately want to be evident in my experience.

These days I am finding myself drawn more often to the instruction of the New Testament. In my world, both  the Old and the New become the perfect balance. The balance of story and history and experience, with instruction and wisdom and guidance. It took me longer to warm up to the New Testament, but when I started reading them together, embracing the balance they both bring to my life, it all comes alive.

Apparently this writing project is not complete yet. With a couple of fairly clear confirmations, Romans 12 is the next passage that is burning in my heart. 

It will come the same way as Psalm 139, a verse a day.

Thanks for taking a look. Feel free to drop me a note, if you like. I'd love to hear from you.

So this is how it speaks to me ...

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Karen Doll said...

Hi Pam,

Found your blog as part of the WD October Platform Challenge. Simply beautiful! I love stories too; I think stories make understanding so much easier and so much more clear. They flow. They captivate and engage. Without stories, we'd all be a bunch of interconnected events that go together somehow. Our stories make us who we are. And, they let others know who we are. I love the fact that the Bible is filled with stories old and new. Have you ever read the book, To Live is Christ, by Beth Moore? It's the story of Paul. I've started it several times, and somehow get busy with stuff and it gets left behind. I will finish it one of these times. It's a great story and fits right in with your "new" found interest in the New Testament!

Well, as part of this challenge,I'd like to share a post from my blog (it's one of my favorites):

Wishing you well and looking forward to reading more about your travels through the Bible!
Karen Doll