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Monday, 7 March 2016

Some New Words

Some New Words

As was mentioned in a previous post, the beginning of this year marks the beginning of a different kind of journey for me.
For the first time in a very long time --think back to grade school days-- something I have written will have some permanence, other than this world wide web.
For the first time, something I have written will stay around longer than the story itself.

This blog was specifically created to be a place to house some writing.
Writing that I had worked on previously...The Warrior Bride.
Writing projects that I had assigned myself....Psalm 139 Project.

So far, it's lived up to its intended use. There have been some visitors who come and go, visiting from all over the world.

And now, a new phase.

I have self-published a book. ...Can I get a soft drum-roll, perhaps a slight clinking of glasses, maybe a modest cheer?? :)

It started with poems. Poems that poured out of me, on one random day, in the voice of my middle sister. My middle sister who is non-verbal and quite disabled. Four by one. Emotional things, they were. I cried through the writing of them.
Then came a fictional story to cushion the existence of emotional poems in my sister's voice and become a vehicle to tell a bit of her story.

So now, in this new leg of the journey, I am an Amazon author.
I have a shiny book, with my picture on the back, saying that the words created inside came from my pen.
These are incredible days.
I am proud, and excited. Hesitant and cautious. Optimistic and praying.

Over the next few days, I will share some of the poems from the book. I want to give account to the process that happened over listening and writing and crying.

Hopefully you will find this new chapter in this writer's life meaningful and intriguing.
Please feel free to comment. I welcome the new voices here.

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