Interesting Things To Know

Monday, 28 March 2016



Interesting word.

A reechoed sound, or the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped, caused by multiple reflections of the sound within a closed space.
This is what it has begun to feel like for me during my daily reading. Reverberations of His Word, throughout the day, within that closed space that is my heart, and my mind, and my spirit. 
I've been itching to write about it all. 
All the reflections that turn into reverberations. All the nuggets that turn into full meals I'm feasting on through my day. Not really connected, per se.  But...connected indeed, for me. 

So, I turn to this place. This place where I've posted writing. Poetry. Essays. And now, reverberations. I have resisted this for quite some time, as there is already plenty of noise 'out there'. There are scholars and wise souls who provide much in the way of daily living offerings. 

Me? I just need a place to record it. I find my reading has become my imperative. Every day.  And every day something new surprises me.

My treasured Bible is locked away in a storage locker thousands of miles away. I have become dependent now on my tablet and YouVersion to be the place where I am heading these days. It took me a very long time to embrace reading that way - Electronically. I only wanted my Bible.  It was a gift, given to me when I was 18 and I have cherished it ever since. I love the feel of it, the notes in the margins, the underlined passages from years back. Dated promises, highlighted passages. All locked away. 

So, I forced myself to start fresh.

I must say, I have become very dependent on my 'electronic' version of the Word. I can read it anywhere I am, anytime I want - day or night. Lighting is not an issue, although power sometimes is, but I try and plan for that. I love the fact that I can highlight passages, and then transfer them to a beautiful and meaningful backdrop. New images are added and inspiring me daily. I browse those images sometimes, remembering what God showed me through them. Those scriptures have become a lifeline in these days. I love that there are reading plans embedded right in the system. Not ever having been one to embrace daily devotionals, I am loving where these plans take me. All over Scripture. Seriously, I have many plans on the go at the same time usually, and read from all of them every day. Some days they all dove-tail together amazingly. Those are amazing days.

So, these new offerings here are just that - offerings. Ramblings really. Thoughts on what I'm reading, and how it's speaking to me. 

No polish. No biblical scholars here.  No perfectly designed posts. 

Just me.

And what's reverberating. 



Shannon said...

Cannot wait to read!

Pam said...

Thanks Shannon.
Appreciate that very much.