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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Taken from 'In Her Own Special Voice'
written by: P.S. Ferguson

The 'Heaven' poem was the third that came at the beginning of writing Wendy's story. 

When we were children, most of my memories have a backdrop of home renovations. I have recollections of plastic sheeting over doorways as my father added an addition to the back of the house, to enclose a wheelchair ramp. Another home had an enclosed elevator to allow for Wendy's wheelchair to get in and out of that house at ground level. I remember walls being knocked out, rooms opened up,.....all in an attempt to accommodate life with a wheelchair. 

When we talk to Wendy today, it is clear that this earth is not her home. This earth is only a temporary dwelling, as is her chair, and her body. Her very alive hope is what awaits her when she sees Jesus face to face. More than anyone I know, she lives that hope every day. Even this morning, I met her at the church for bible study. She was all smiles for those she hadn't seen in a long time. She has a bothersome tooth and a back that is still irksome. Somehow though, everyone gets a smile. This never ceases to amaze me. 

When this poem started coming to me, I was remembering all those renovations to accommodate her paraphernalia and apparatus.   Her 'Heaven' home, however, is not being designed for wheelchairs. There will be no ramps, or hospital beds to fit in. There will be no need for any restructuring to that dwelling. 

What there will be, is room to run. What there will be, is a choir to join. What there will be, are people to be held and touched and felt at will. There will be no more waiting until someone touches her. No,...those arthritic-ridden hands will reach out, all on their own, and touch the face of the one who prepared this place. 

Perfectly designed for her,.....perfection.


Heaven is my home

Heaven is my hope

He is there

Waiting for me

My home is being prepared

For me

For me

Not for a chair

Or a lift

Or a hospital bed

But for me

Me and my new body

He is there

Waiting for me

To walk with me

And talk with me

Using my new legs

Using my new voice

He is there

And He will tell me

You have cried enough

There are no tears here

He will tell me

That I don’t have to sit

That I can stand

With my new body

I have sat long enough

Heaven is my home

It is where I belong

He will let me sing

With the angels

With my new voice

He will let me dance

With loved ones

With my new legs

He will let me

Touch and hold everything

With my new arms

Heaven is my home

He is my hope

Struggle and

Pain and


Are only for a time


Heaven is my home.

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In Her Own Special Voice
by Pamela Ferguson

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